Clinician-led Health & Wellbeing

We are building the largest ecosystem of Preventative Healthcare and Wellbeing, backed by evidence-based medicine, powered by the blockchain.

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Preventative Healthcare Using
Blockchain Technology

LookHealth is a clinician-led healthcare network built on the blockchain and powered by smart contracts. The network is a disruptive patient-to-clinician healthcare ecosystem, where patients reach out directly to some of the best private doctors in the world and are incentivised for making (and sticking with) better personal health choices. Healthcare professionals, wellbeing specialists and pharmacies will feature on the platform, together offering evidence-based clinical care to improve health and wellbeing outcomes. Our focus on incentivised rewards for positive patient behaviour and verifiable health improvements is what makes Look Health stand apart from other healthcare blockchain technologies.

We will provide a secure, evidence-based and robust service to both clinicians and patients that will create new opportunities for clinician-patient interaction for the future. Data is at the heart of our offering, and by focusing on making your medical data accessible and shareable (with lots of caveats) Look Health will add a new layer of transparency to the oftentimes opaque relationship between clinician and patient. This collaborative approach will not only result in the likelihood of improved satisfaction, but also could support the transition to better self-care in the wider health system.

A New & Innovative Solution


Easy access to medical records for accurate and safe diagnoses and management - rewards for good health management.


Find the best clinicians for long term health management and good chronic disease management - Get rewards. Give permission to third parties. GDPR compliant.

Third Parties

Insurance Industry, Pharmaceutical industry - Access to aggregated and anonymised patient health data in real time. GDPR compliant.

Meet The Team

LookHealth Road Map

  • 2012

  • Quarter 3

    Founder completes postgraduate medical training as a General Practitioner / Medical Doctor with a Speciality in Family Practice.

  • 2017

  • Quarter 2

    Founder is successfully accepted onto a highly competitive Artificial Intelligence technology accelerator (75 are chosen from 3200 applicants worldwide). Develops a deep understanding of the intersection between Artificial intelligence and the scalable, decentralised and interoperable benefits in HealthCare.

  • 2018

  • April

    48 hour Blockchain Hackathon in Spain led by Felipe from Guidesmiths - Lookhealth Prototype wins out of 10 Blockchain teams - 'Best Use of Blockchain.'

  • May

    LookHealth MVP is developed. 40 medical doctors sign up in 10 days. White Paper completed.

  • June

    Onboarding First blood testing laboratory and Gym Corporate partnerships.

  • September

    Private Pre-ICO sale begins.

  • December

    Crowdsale Begins.

  • 2019

  • June

    Completion of Medical platform with Lookhealth Protocol.

  • August

    Onboarding of Medical Institutions and patients.

  • September

    Build the decentralised Health Marketplace for LookHealth applications and their tokens. Implementation of Medical Records.

  • December

    LookHealth Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Board launched with hiring of the best AI PhD doctorates to derive medical insights to predict, prevent and diagnose medical conditions and illnesses with distribution and transfer of knowledge within the EU, USA and African Healthcare Institutions.

  • 2020

  • The Plan

    Partnerships with Government agencies, Insurance and Pharmaceutical Industries. Launch API for developer toolkits with interoperability. Goal 1 million consultations and diagnoses on LookHealth. First 2 scalable Artificially intelligent tools of diagnosis implemented on the LookHealth Platform.

Innovation Awards

April 2018


Imaguru Madrid BlockChain Hackathon - Best use case of Blockchain

June 2018


Project Kairos Startup Competition - London Tech Week

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